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Borsalino panama’s at Pitti Uomo. Worlds finest! #henrybucks #borsalino

22:52// I forgive you for your viciousness Samuel Dwinell. I understand your stress concerning your dissertation. I understand what it is like to choose a path and to take it to extremes without thinking, as you clearly have. I forgive you. I love you. I am sorry for ever leading you, however unintendedly, to act as extremely as you have. You have ruined my life for the moment, but thankfully I have resources with which to rebound. Please, do not do this to another without such resources, for you will one day have blood on your hands as a result of such coldness. I love you, because I believe in your best. We are all human beings. We all make mistakes. I forgive you as I am sorry. I will love you, unconditionally, until the day I die. I do not say such things lightly. You are certainly a strange man, but as the woman pointed out on the plane, we are strange, but I refuse to lose the love in my heart, having learned from your best self the importance of maintaining it. You have not been justified in your cruelty, though neither was I justified last year in my doubt. I forgive you. I will never be your enemy. I will never simply “hate [your] ass” like Matthew. I love you, truly, and I always will. I am here for you Sam. I do not understand your violence and insistence on making life a living hell for me with your false police report, but I tolerate you, because I refuse to forget your sweetness. I remember how your friends pointed out how much happier you were when we met. My friends were not around to notice the difference, but the same occurred in me. Thank you Samuel Dwinell for the happiest days of my life. I will always be on your side, even if I sit in prison for a year, however unlikely that outcome is, considering I have never once threatened you, but merely expressed my love. I do not know the man you have been fighting, but I am here for you Sam. Keep writing. You are brilliant. I love you and I always will. 



Intimate Portraits of Bees

Researchers take advantage of photography technology developed by the U.S. Army to capture beautiful portraits of bees native to North America.

Photography by Sam Droege, USGS


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Tássia Bianchini, Initial studies on paper - Series I become - 2014
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